Alyfe: Creating a Culture of Health in Organizations

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Lesley Lesch, Vice President , AlyfeLesley Lesch, Vice President
As a dietitian and wellness advocate, Kay Lakhi knew chronic diseases, like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, can be controlled and even prevented in the early stage with minor lifestyle changes. She also observed that most organizations in her community did not understand how to create healthy cultures for their employees and what impact it had on their bottom-line. Even those organizations that understood the importance of an employee well-being program were struggling to create and manage the program due to lack of resources. In that case, one needs a reliable partner to take care of the program, so they can focus on their work. Lakhi was passionate about helping organizations, and this zeal led her to found Alyfe in 1995. The company delivers tailor-made strategies to support a culture of health, thereby creating meaningful change in an organization. Alyfe specializes in well-being programs for organizations of all sizes, intending to help each individual find their purpose and become highly engaged with their workplace culture. “Organizations need engaged and thriving employees in order to deliver on successful business results. We deliver on the promise of building a culture of health to support their full potential,” states Lakhi, Founder and CEO of Alyfe.

As a women and minority-led business, Alyfe believes in hard work and high standards, providing both high touch and high tech solutions for employees of all generations and work cultures. The company’s high touch solutions are created keeping in mind generations who prefer a face-to-face experience, but also those workforces that can benefit from social support. This combined with the option of high tech engagement for other populations is the challenge for Aubrey Olson, Vice President, Product Management at the company. “Today, millennials and remote workers are online and need access to their well-being data 24/7, so we have created a mobile-friendly program that provides health information in easy-to-use formats featuring videos and quizzes,” mentions Olson.
Aubrey Olson, Vice President, Product Management
Not only this, but Alyfe understands that ‘one size fits all’ does not work in well-being programs. So the company designs and customizes solutions according to the end-user requirements. “Most well-being programs are designed to fit everyone in the same box. However, we understand that the key to engagement has a program that is personalized to meet individual needs. We want to fit into the end user’s lifestyle instead of fitting them into our boxes,” says Olson.

Furthermore, Alyfe also understands that just like each individual is different, so is each workplace culture – and both need ongoing care. Before offering a well-being program, the company investigates what their culture is. It takes measures to understand and learn where the organization’s culture currently stands and where they want to go. Alyfe also determines what motivates the client’s employees. After getting an accurate idea of the organization culture, the company goes into designing a program that addresses the culture and builds trust within the organization. “Once we create personalized well-being programs, employees’ engagement in the program comes much easier because they understand the program goals and the objectives better. As a result, we see higher rates of participation in the organization’s growth,” explains Lesley Lesch, Vice President Client Success at Alyfe. One of Alyfe’s client, Dublin City Schools, Treasurer/CFO, Brian Kern, says, “Alyfe listens to our needs and is accommodating, flexible, easy to work with and tailors to our unique needs. This has positively impacted our culture of well-being within our organization.”

For the future, Alyfe is focusing on the connection between high tech and the high touch experience for enhanced efficiency while maintaining its client-focused structure. The company also believes in ‘prevention is better than cure’ philosophy, so it is developing programs to create better engagement while guiding and educating people about the health risks so that they start implementing healthy lifestyle changes.
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Columbus, OH

Lesley Lesch, Vice President and Aubrey Olson, Vice President, Product Management

Headquartered in Lewis Center, Ohio, Alyfe is a trusted partner for sustaining, improving, and optimizing the wellbeing of a workforce. A Midwest-based, family-owned business that believes in hard work and high standards. The company provides solutions that deliver customer service, which has never been experienced before, and most importantly, gives results that matter. With 20 years of experience, Alyfe is a reliable partner that provides the extra resources to create and manage a corporate wellness program. They give the results that will impact the organization’s bottom line and the wellbeing of the entire workforce