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Top 10 Occupational Health Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

With the services industry undergoing massive changes in different magnitude, it is becoming increasingly necessary for enterprises to rethink their ways of delivering safety and health benefits to the employees. Also, since health no more implies physical health alone, there is a bent toward the adoption of solutions that provide a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. As a result, psychological factors such as stress, depression, and sleeplessness have started gaining the attention of the industry leaders. Technology has further triggered this transformation, as occupational health services are now helping organizations reap the benefits of advanced apps and software, and leverage technologies like virtual reality to provide more personalized healthcare experience to their employees.

Big data and data analytics have made significant strides in the realm of occupational health, enabling organizations to track the latest trends pertaining to manual handling injuries and new areas of injury risk. In fact, with the help of wearable devices, leaders are tapping into real-time risk data to bring in a new age of safety. However, ergonomics is a factor that easily falls through the cracks. However, the occupational health service providers are changing this scenario by helping organizations take a preventive approach.

Keeping up with this changing landscape of occupational health services, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 occupational health consulting/services companies, in an attempt to help business leaders across industries to reap the benefits of the prevailing industry trends.

The new-age services providers are introducing mobile applications as a consulting service and are dedicated to improving employees’ mental health with meditation. From driving good sleep to building healthy eating habits, these services companies are proving to be beneficial for the employees in a number of ways. Also, there are other occupational health consulting service providers who deliver one-on-one health assessments and screenings, injury management and containment solutions, and various other consulting services, along with custom health and injury management solutions. These companies make the majority of their engagement on-site.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, the occupational health services providers are steadily assisting businesses in maintaining health and safety in the workplace. We hope this issue of HR Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your enterprise requires to keep up with the current market trends and the changing landscape of occupational health.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Occupational Health Consulting/Services Companies - 2020.”

    Top Occupational Health Consulting/Services Companies

  • Headquartered in Lewis Center, Ohio, Alyfe is a trusted partner for sustaining, improving, and optimizing the wellbeing of a workforce. A Midwest-based, family-owned business that believes in hard work and high standards. The company provides solutions that deliver customer service, which has never been experienced before, and most importantly, gives results that matter. With 20 years of experience, Alyfe is a reliable partner that provides the extra resources to create and manage a corporate wellness program. They give the results that will impact the organization’s bottom line and the wellbeing of the entire workforce

  • Understanding the importance of a stress-free work environment, is on a mission to help companies ensure the mental and emotional wellbeing of their employees. Its app, Wellness Coach by, plays a significant role in not only reducing work stress but also improving sleep and employee happiness. Wellness Coach by offers live, interactive, and social classes taken by expert coaches from across the globe. The innovative platform of has helped many companies in ensuring a well-balanced work culture in terms of mental and emotional health

  • A health and injury management consulting company transforming the ordinary way of operation in the occupational health landscape. One of the Top Occupational Health Consulting/Services Companies, WellTrail's full-fledged health and injury management services include one-on-one consulting, health assessments and screenings, injury management, and containment solutions, ergonomics resources, and customized progress reporting, along with custom health and injury management solutions designed to meet the unique needs of employees. WellTrail is in the trenches with its clients through a team of healthcare professionals who engage with employees on-site, and constantly assess and respond to employee needs with customized solutions based on integrative medical knowledge

  • BaySport


    Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Los Gatos, California, BaySport's Mission is to provide the best fitness, preventive medicine, and injury management services for individuals and corporate clients. BaySport, a leading provider of preventive medicine, physical therapy, and organizational health services, has offices in San Francisco, Redwood City, Santa Clara, and Los Gatos. Backed by over 100 corporate clients, the company has developed many clinics and worksite-based programs aimed at improving employee health and reducing employer health costs. From corporate fitness center management to cholesterol screening services to executive physical examinations to injury management services, the BaySport team can help participants identify health risks and make lifestyle adjustments to reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke, certain cancers, and other diseases

  • Cigna


    Headquartered in Bloomfield, CT, and founded in 1792, Cigna Corporation is a global health service company dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those they serve. The company delivers predictability, choice, affordability, and access to quality care via connected, personalized solutions that advance the whole-person health, body, and mind both. Cigna Corporation can harness actionable insights that drive better health care results. The company's specialties are Health Care, Behavioral Health, Dental, Pharmacy, Short- and Long-Term Disability, Travel, Accident and Life Insurance, Global Health Benefits, Individual Private Medical Insurance, Wellness Services, Voluntary Benefits, Medicare and Medicaid

  • Excel Body Fitness

    Excel Body Fitness

    Headquartered in Cary, NC, and founded in 2010, Excel provides a highly effective fitness program that empowers the employees to look, feel, and live better. Excel helps clients by focusing on what matters most. They work through exercise and nutrition advisement to provide the tools that give the most significant results in a short span of time. By offering Fitness Classes, Boot Camp, nutritional guidance, dedicated hands-on instruction, and one-on-one mentoring, they enable the clients to reach their health and fitness goals

  • Grand Rounds

    Grand Rounds

    Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and founded in 2011, and Grand Rounds is a unique kind of healthcare company. The company is on a mission to raise the standard of healthcare throughout the globe. The Grand Rounds team goes above and beyond to guide and connect people to the highest quality healthcare available for themselves and for the ones they care. The company creates products and services that provide people with the best possible healthcare experience. Grand Rounds works with inspiring employers and doctors to empower them to be the change agents needed to make their shared vision a reality

  • HealthFitness


    Established in 1975, and based in Minneapolis, MN, HealthFitness, delivers a complete and personalized wellbeing solution that is designed to make people healthier and includes the best of fitness, wellness, injury prevention, and a platform that offers a unique combination of digital integration and human connection. Parent company Trustmark provides a full spectrum of employee benefits to improve wellbeing through better health and greater financial security. The company expertise in population health management, condition management, biometric screenings, health coaching, health advising, health assessments, corporate fitness programs, occupational health, health promotion, on-site program managers, wellness programs, occupational health, fitness, benefits advocacy, health management, recreation, injury prevention, work conditioning, ergonomic services, movement efficiency solutions, post-offer employment testing, early intervention programs, physical therapy, health education, engagement professionals, wellness challenges, virtual fitness, fitness and recreation, college and university fitness and recreation, community fitness and recreation

  • Healthstat


    Healthstat renovates healthcare by inspiring healthy changes. They have led the charge into patient-centered, value-driven healthcare. Their mission is to treat every patient as a person with unique opportunities for incorporating healthy habits into daily life. They approach health as a holistic endeavor - physical, mental, and social. The company’s expertise provides more than just medical cost savings – they empower, educate, and engage at the point of care, every day. Their clinics merge the best in healthcare and high-tech infrastructure to support medical best practices with the time and familiarity to see their patients as people

  • Impact Health

    Impact Health

    Impact Health is one of the leading providers of onsite clinical testing, health, wellness and consultative support for health promotion services. Their strong clinical foundation and expertise in employee health screenings have led to long-term client relationships with some of the nation’s largest hospital systems who trust Impact Health to deliver preventative programs that engage both the at-risk and overall employee population. They work with clients to implement programs that meet the needs of each specific community. Their plans are designed with end-user in mind and curated to incorporate the wellness goals of each partner organization